The heart of Lapland

Welcome to Storuman

Welcome to Hotell Toppen

Storuman is the natural regional hub, located where the main highways E12 and E45 meet. It is also the gateway to the mountains and the very heart of Lapland. Being the focal point of local administration Storuman also has a full range of services for both visitors and residents.

Hotell Toppen is right in the centre of town providing a range of accommodation, culinary experiences and activities. Situated beside the main highway, we are very easy to find and are open 365 days a year. We pride ourselves on our service and ability to help our guests get the most out of their visit. The hotel is a melting pot, a perfect mix of conference delegates, business representatives, tourists and private guests just passing through.

There is much to see and do around Storuman. The expansive forest, the majestic mountains and wide open lakes will provide memories for a life time. We can put together a programme of activities that let you discover the wild beauty of Storuman.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay.

Accommodation to suit everyone

There is a wide range of accommodation to choose from. Our largest facility is the hotel where our standard rooms come in two categories – basic and superior. Our other facilities provide simpler alternatives such as self-catering and hostel accommodation. During the week our guests are mainly on business trips or taking part in conferences while the weekends see a switch to guests requiring single or multiple-bed rooms.

Restaurant with generous opening hours

The fully-licensed restaurant prides itself on its excellent service and wide ranging menu and drinks list. We serve both traditional Swedish fare and unique dishes based on locally sourced ingredients. We have generous opening hours, all week days, every evening and even at weekends.

Activities in and around the hotel

There is always something to do at the hotel. For groups we divide up the choice of activities in to two categories. Shorter and longer. Shorter activities are based at or around the hotel whereas outdoor activities require a longer time. These are seasonal and bring you closer to the natural world that surrounds us.